By Daniel N. Early this morning, residents of Israel’s western Galilee were awoken by blasts caused by four rockets which landed near the shared border with Lebanon. Exactly which town was struck was not immediately announced by Israeli media, probably in accordance with military procedure of not confirming direct hits for rocket launching squads across

By Max Security’s Intelligence Department For decades, perceptions of Lebanon have been as conflicted as the country itself. The capital, Beirut has been dubbed by some as a focal point for terrorism and civil unrest, while others maintain that its vibrant culture and western lifestyle rival that of many European capitals.  For the past decade,

By Max Security’s Intelligence Department For the past several weeks, a controversial document proposed by the government for a set of “Supra-Constitutional Principles” has enraged political factions from both sides of the spectrum. Groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood as well as secular movements have each charged that the document is actually a ploy by the ruling military

By: Daniel N. Recent statements and actions emanating from the Islamic Republic point to its increasing isolation and desperation. On October 12, the Kuwaiti newspaper al-Qabas reported that Iran had informed Hezbollah that it would cut funding to the Shia militia by forty percent. The source cited the cutback as a result of growing economic

By Daniel N. Despite its repressive nature, Algeria’s Bouteflicka regime is the last remaining obstacle between Islamic extremists and the complete destabilization of North Africa. While the world continues to focus on the implications of a destabilized Libya, Algeria has been working diligently to prevent a resurgent Al Qaeda from toppling its regime in its

By Daniel N. Meddling in the internal affairs of other nations, sending warships on provocative patrol routes, and threatening regional neighbors with war were, just a short time ago, actions which characterized only the Iranian regime’s pursuit of regional domination. Amidst the sweeping changes brought about by the Arab Spring, Turkey has found a window

By Daniel N. If at any point it feels that its survival is at stake, Hezbollah will not hesitate to unleash chaos and ignite the Lebanese powder keg. Following the 2006 Lebanon War, Hezbollah was widely regarded as one of the last eminent Arab forces to successfully confront the Israelis – and to seemingly defeat