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Identifying risk. And acting on it.

Our operations specialists know their job and know the world. They draw their experience from serving in government agencies and military Special Forces, and their knowledge from major operations spanning five continents. They’re not only multi-lingual, they’re multi-faceted, assessing risk from the perspective of multiple fields. They provide you with concise, practical and completely actionable mitigation solutions.

Right there with you.

The complexities of your organization can’t be taken lightly. Our in-house security operatives are thoroughly experienced, vetted and reliable pros. They operate in full coordination with our Global Command Center. More important, they know the environment and culture you’re working in. So they can easily manage the challenges of even the most complex security issues.

Comprehensive services in routine and emergency situations:

Travel Security & Secure Transportation Services

Wherever you go, we’re with you. Literally. Providing 24/7 close protection services for every contingency from the routine to the critical. We not only keep you safe, we help you navigate the cultural, logistical and security issues that make international travel a challenge for even the most seasoned globe trekker.
You see, our goal is to enable our clients to achieve their business goals. We keep our profile low to give you high standard flexible security solutions.

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