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MAX Security Intelligence Reports

Stay informed. Be proactive.

What good is information if you can’t act on it? The kind of information our Security Intelligence Division provides is just what you need to ensure the ongoing success of your business. Even when and where risk is greatest. It’s timely, accurate and relevant. Most important, it’s actionable.
With our security intelligence reports and risk analysis, you can:

  • Assess, prepare for and mitigate threats before they become a problem.
  • Take a proactive approach to risk management based on concise recommendations and actionable assessments.
  • Remain aware of strategic and tactical developments and their implications.
  • Protect your bottom line by pro-actively protecting your assets and operation.

Versatile. Diverse. Local.

We’re based in the Middle East. A pretty rough neighbourhood. That alone should tell you something about our intelligence-gathering capabilities. Even more impressive is the diversity of expertise we bring to intelligence. From government to military to academia, and from every corner of the map, our team comprises an elite corps of some of the world’s most skilled analysts. They’re more than book smart. They’re street smart. They know the regions they cover. And they give you a perspective you won’t get from anyone else.

New media as a new ally.

Today’s digital media is more than a nice place to chat. It’s a vast and deep resource for gathering and analysing information. Using evolving intelligence gathering methodologies, you’d be surprised how relevant tactical intelligence can be when you triangulate social and local media with reliable local sources. That’s what we do.

The products of proactive thinking.

This is your security concern. Managing it takes a team dedicated to the continuity of your business. The key to all of our product offerings are senior intelligence analysts committed to partnering with you to develop insightful, detailed and completely customized geopolitical analysis.

  • Regional Intel Subscription Package

Opinion leaders call it the “best commercial risk intelligence on the market.” You’ll find insight and analysis here that you won’t find anywhere else. And we mean anywhere.

Concise proactive reporting. Bottom-line assessments. Actionable recommendations. In addition to a broad-brush perspective on game-changing issues from political climate to infrastructure failure to classic security threats. Plus tactical reporting on areas and topics of particular interest to your business.

All security intelligence reports are tailored to help you plan short term or long. They fuse open source and human intelligence to provide a completely unique perspective. Delivered by email, each intelligence report is timely and concise.

A high-profile exec attends a conference in Indonesia. An on-site team is headed for a remote part of Libya. A valued employee is relocating to South America. We get the concern you have for everyone that may be put at risk. Our travel briefings are invaluable tools for any itinerary, no matter how long. From low risk to high.

  • Custom Security Intelligence Report

You see new opportunity in other parts of the world. What you don’t see are the potential risks. We provide the insight that tells you all you need to know as a global player. Intelligence reports can be customized to the smallest details. as a global player. intelligence reports can be customized to the very small details.

  • Intelligence Briefings

This is intelligence straight from the source. It’s focused and direct from our top people to yours. Decision makers from government, journalism, international diplomacy and business rely on our in-depth analysis, from hot-button topics to enduring trends. We connect on issues that matter to you by phone, video conference, Webinars or face to face.

  • Dynamic Mapping

You can’t be on every street in every corner of the globe. But satellites can. Dynamic Mapping gives your security managers complete security assessments overlaid on top of street-level satellite images. Wherever you have an employee, you have a close-up view of their safety.

max security intelligence reports
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