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Integrated Security Design Services and Consultants

Security design services from people who know global security.

We live in a tough world. Global events and technology have conspired to create threats more insidious than nature herself can contrive. MAX understands that in today’s world, security is as vital a part of a building’s design as layout, aesthetics and structural integrity. And we use our unique perspective on global security to give you a plan designed to mitigate threats rather than simply react to them.

The right plan for your design.

Today, no high-profile building, facility or site – public or private – is safe from threat. MAX offers customized security plans for a full range of operations and enterprises, including:

  • Residential
  • Corporate
  • Retail
  • Airports & Terminals
  • Mixed Use
  • Industrial
  • IT and Busines Parks
  • Safe Cities

Security design consultants with a distinct methodology.

A Security Umbrella

A truly effective security plan is one that prevents threats from becoming crises in the first place. Our Security Umbrella establishes a well-defined set of protocols. It ensures quick reaction during routine and peak routine hours as well as during actual emergencies. With it, we expose vulnerabilities and flaws that can compromise security and disrupt routine business.

We also believe that the more layers of security, the more secure the location. Our multi-layered approach of Security Circles starts at the site perimeter and works through to various internal zones.

And because we believe security is a proactive function, staff will know how to preemptively strike. See in the schematic how the Security Umbrella works.

security design services
securiy design consultants

Operational Optimization

If your capabilities are lacking, you’re not optimizing resources. And vice-versa. The Security Setup will strike a perfect balance of ability and means given any potential threat. In other words, the optimal mix to prevent threats as well as minimize damage from attack.

The advantage of a balanced solution between means when and ability confronting a threat is clear.

Concept Design: A two-step approach to building security.

Whatever the security concern, you have to keep people, vehicles and equipment moving freely on a day-to-day basis. Even more so during an emergency. Our Concept Design Stage gives you two key reports:

The RTVA – Risk, Threat and Vulnerability Assessment

Know your enemy. That’s how we develop our RTVA reports. We begin our evaluation at the perimeter of the location and work our way in, defining critical points that are vulnerable, including physical structure, operations, even brand reputation.

The MSP – Master Security Plan

Implementing a security plan cost-effectively is as vital as the plan itself. We work closely with you to ensure that. Our MSP provides solutions to all the security risks identified in the RTVA. And It dovetails seamlessly with the site’s operation.

The concept plan is based on a combination of accepted international best practices and your vision. Security design includes concept as well as critical security measures, visitor management, and a workable security process for routine and emergency situations. The security process includes such factors as security levels, access control matrixes and security guides for end users and facility management.

Detailed Design: The finer points of security design services.

This design stage covers every section and phase of the master plan. CAD drawings show how security elements will be implemented. Elements are detailed with spec and data sheets. A White Paper clearly and concisely raises issues and provides solutions. And a Bill of Quantities provides a detailed cost evaluation.

Tender: Making the bidding process work for everyone.

Getting the right vendor for the job requires a systematized bidding process. We work with you to develop well-defined RFPs and tender docs for each physical and technological requirement, including structures, equipment, applications and installation.

Included in each bid package are documents clearly defining the nature and scope of the specific element, including a full spec sheet. Detailed specs ensure the smooth operation of all systems.
A Vendor Aid implementation Document (VAID) will assist each vendor in implementing their portion of the concept, including clearly defined specs regarding the scope of the project.
We then present a comparative analysis and assist you in evaluation and selection.

Supervision: Security design consultants with you all the way.

We’re as committed to the completion of the project as we are to the planning. Ongoing site visits ensure that each vendor is proceeding according to plan. We keep you in the loop with full progress reports and Gap Analyses. We’re with you for all benchmark events. And once installation is complete, we ensure that all elements are operational according to tender specs.
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On Board Consulting: Assuring complete buy-in for security design.

There are parties beyond you and your security design consultant who have an active interest in the future safety of the project as well. We’re ready to respond with insight and answers for any concerned stakeholders, including owners, investors, building management and residents. Call on us for On Board Consulting whenever a concern needs to be addressed. Or for any security issues outside the project parameters.

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