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Due Diligence Consulting

A More Diligent Security Solution

The security needs of your business are multi-faceted. There are the physical threats to your people and your assets. But there are also more subtle threats. For this reason, you need a third party due diligence company to identify threats that can damage your reputation, violate your rights and threaten your financial future. We use our years of experience in total security solutions to proactively manage the kind of risk that can bring down a business without a shot fired. Over the years, MAX Security has built a formidable team of Field Investigators, Research Analysts, Forensic Accountants and Expert Witnesses who bring with them an abundance of experience and resourcefulness. Together, our experts work to bring you exceptionally competitive corporate due diligence services, mitigating risks to leave no stone unturned.

Due Diligence Consulting

Any financial deal involves risk. It is your responsibility to protect the interests of all parties concerned – shareholders, regulators, employees, etc. before entering into any transaction. That means a Due Diligence process that provides you with information so reliable, there can be little doubt that the decision you make is the right one. Bearing this in mind, MAX Consulting offers you in-depth material regarding your area of interest at 2 levels:

  • Level 1- An experienced investigator who knows how to professionally navigate and access all relevant information from online open sources
  • Level 2- A more comprehensive solution that includes source inquiries and physical on-site visits to provide an extra layer of verification

Fraud, corruption and most recently terrorism (which has added another dimension to business decisions), make it almost mandatory to examine the background and prior relations of prospective partners before entering into a transaction. New regulations raise also a further need for vetting third parties. The risk of non-compliance is huge and may threaten business continuity. Corporate Due Diligence services are systematic investigations of target partners conducted with the intention of validating facts and collecting additional information that will help in making an informed decision. It addresses the following key concerns:

  • Legitimacy of operations
  • Reputation issues
  • Beneficiary ownership & their track record
  • Statutory compliance
  • Track record
  • Financial assets and insolvency
  • Involvement in litigation
  • Key management and shareholders’ validity
  • International sanctions

Third party Due Diligence consulting may include the following modules:

Public Domain Check

The Public Domain Check module comprises a detailed reporting of information available in public records, subscription databases, social media resources, regulatory, litigation and a number of other sources. It includes Information about the history, ownership, directorship and other background information.

Company Filings

This checks aims to retrieve information from documents filed by the incorporated company under various obligations imposed by local law. Detailed filings on a company are retrieved from local authorities to ascertain information on the registration, management, beneficiary shareholders, banking relationships, auditors etc.

Directorship Interest Checks

These checks will provide you with the names of companies in which an individual holds or held a Director position. Information is sought directly from the local legal authorities.

Business Intelligence & Source Inquiries

Business intelligence and source inquiries focuses on collection and analysis of information from discreet sources. The service involves vigilant selection of sources that make up the eco-system of the subject. MAX Solutions approaches the sources discreetly and confidentially in order to receive their views on the subject.

Site Visits

Some checks require on-ground/ field verification of the subject’s place of work. In these cases, we will visit the site in order to ascertain its existence and to collect reputation inputs on the subject and its principals. During our visit to the site we will gather information evidencing the existence of the subject.

Our Method

The methodology used is legal and discreet. The due diligence uses public domain resources including the Internet, social media, public records, subscription databases and media consolidators. All these sources are complimented with business intelligence from established sources.

With MAX Consulting’s Due Diligence service, you can count on receiving a 360-degree view of the subject enabling you to make the most informed decisions possible.

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