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MAX Corporate Security Academy

In today’s world, there is no room for error where security is concerned. MAX’s customized, anti-terror training modules, developed together with the client, into corporate security academy, draw on our unique synergistic approach to intelligence and ops. They enhance management’s knowledge while augmenting your security team’s skillset. Training modules target the Organization’s Security Operations and Management.

Sensitive Facility Protection Course

  • Methodology of identifying and assessing gaps between your security assets and your security needs.
  • Customized for private sector or law enforcement, you’ll learn to:
  • Identify relevant threats.corporate security academy
  • Create threat-based scenarios.
  • Plan security circles to better your security umbrella.
  • Underline different positions and duties.
  • Define communications and protocols between all responsible parties.
  • Move from routine to emergency and back.


  • The closest experience to an actual attack.
  • From lectures to on-board (tabletop) drills and on-ground simulations, mimicking an actual real-time event.
  • Invaluable on-site experience for your CTM team.
  • Simulations include terror attacks such as: Car bombs, active shooter assaults, suspicious objects neutralization and more.
  • Extensive post-simulation analysis and debriefing is conducted.

Event Planning and Critical Response Course

  • Knowledge gained as result of our years of experience successfully anticipating and confronting terrorist threats at some of the world’s biggest events.
  • The course will define the required operational security measures and their proper deployment to optimize the effectiveness of a security force in deterrence, exposure and confronting the attack.
  • You will learn:
  • Importance of the human factor in counter-terrorism planning.
  • Systematic methods of information gathering and analysis, risk assessment, determining disposable resources and defining security requirements, based on our own synergistic approach to intelligence and field ops.
  • How knowledge of operational measures and their deployment will enhance your security team’s ability to deter and confront an attack.

The training will provide a step-by-step plan, combining the information into an organized “Operational Order” document.

Various Tactical Disciplines:

  • Executive (Close) Protection
  • Special Forces
  • Counter Terrorism
  • Krav Maga
  • Tactical & Battlefield Medicine
  • Surveillance Detection & Disruption
  • Corporate Security Officers Training
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