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MAX Security Consulting

Whether it’s terrorism, crime, or natural disasters, we understand the vulnerabilities your organization faces and the potential damages and disruptions that can ensue.

At MAX Security Consulting, we protect against the impact of the unpredictable.

Our expert consultants take a comprehensive approach to ensure your physical security requirements are met to keep business running as usual, even when it’s not.

Through a holistic approach to security and risk management, we have implemented transformative measures and return on investment for some of the world’s largest corporate and third-sector organizations.

Security Design

Full Scope Consulting, from design to implementation

MAX Security’s physical security designs during the initial architectural phase of a project are the most efficient way to build the highest level of security at minimal cost.

Modifications that can ensure better protection, such as designing landscaping to shield walls, building anti-ramming barriers, or positioning vehicle entrances at a safer distance from the building, can be costly and time-consuming if not considered and professionally modeled during the initial stages of planning.

Audits and Risk Assessments

Risk, Threat, and Vulnerabilities Assessments & Organizational Security Audits

To ensure that security measures are well-thought-out and cost effective, your site needs to be analyzed to determine the likelihood of each individual threat and the associated consequences, all of which are unique to your organization.

Master Security Plan 

Achieving the security goals of detection, deterrence, and protection

MAX’s Master Security Planning focuses on the perimeter, yard, and internal areas of your site, ensuring a holistic and efficient balance of structural, technological, and manpower security solutions.

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