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MAX Security Consulting

Physical Security Audit Report & Risk Assessment

There are risks out there specific to your business. Wherever in the world they are, our intelligence analysts have the smarts and the resources to help you avoid them. MAX Corporate Security Consulting and Risk Management services include: Crisis Contingency Plan Design and Implementation

  • Business Continuity Crisis Planning and Implementation
  • Facility Blast Mitigation – Assessment and Solutions
  • Facility and Personnel Security Procedures

On-site facility security consulting

A valuable asset in an unpredictable environment can be a deadly combination. MAX Security consultants have secured major facilities – corporate and private – in the most volatile regions. They can secure yours as well.

Projects include:

  • Mass transit



Land Transportation Facilities


Water Systems


Power Plants

  • Complex facilities

Multinational Corporate Facilities and Personnel Security Procedures

Safe Cities

Sensitive Residential Complexes

Business & Industrial Complexes

Mining Operations (from exploration through production, transport and storage)

Exclusive Tourist Facilities

Sports and Cultural Facilities

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