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Counter-terrorism Training: MAX Security Academy.

Counter-terrorism isn’t someone else’s problem.

Your security team is there to protect your business interests. That’s what you hire them to do. But there’s a cold hard fact you’re going to have to face: Protecting your business interests increasingly means protecting your business from the potential for terrorism. And if you think that the government, the military and the police have your back, think again. In a world of radicalism and asymmetrical aggression, public officials themselves admit no one can say for sure when, or where, the next attack will happen. That puts the burden on you and your security team to be your own first line of defense.

The good news is you can be prepared. The MAX Academy Anti-Terror Training Program gives your security staff the hands on training and procedural skills they need to respond to every possible terror scenario – if and when it comes to your corner of the world.

Methodologies and skills taught by front line experts.

This isn’t a simple refresher course. It’s the real deal. Conducted by veterans of Israel’s elite defense and security forces. These are special operations personnel who have spent their careers taking on the challenges of survival in the Middle East. They have more than a textbook knowledge of executive security methodologies. They have insights into the advanced security methods Israel itself has developed in its decades long battle with terror.

Delivered with professionalism, MAX Training Academy offers a comprehensive course in those same state-of-the art methods, along with hands-on training.

The world relies on our counter-terrorism training methods.

We earned our credentials on the battlefield. We burnished them in the professional arena. Public and private organizations worldwide have entrusted their personnel training to our academy. That includes Fortune 500 security programs as well as private security staff for high-profile VIPS. It also includes special military units and governmental branches for countries in parts of the world where security is Job One. They leave with the tools to face the threat and the skills to effectively use them at a moment’s notice.

MAX international security academy

Counter-terrorism training designed for your security issues.

You operate from your own part of the world. You have your own business environment, your own culture, your own unique set of risks. At MAX, what we believe most about executive security is that it’s not a one size fits all business. To do it right, you have to tailor a program that syncs seamlessly with the organization you’re protecting.

Our training programs are designed to match each client’s specific situation, from the nature of the operation to geography and corporate culture. Your personnel will be trained for an environment they’re familiar with. While training for contingencies they might not be.

Determining your needs. Developing a solution.

Before we teach, we learn. We immerse ourselves in your organization. We survey your operation, meet the key people and find out what makes your business tick. What makes our program unique is that we see your security as part of your overall business strategy. Not an entity apart. It’s that mindset that enables us to recommend a training program that’s a true solution to your security needs.

Counter-terrorism training that gives your team an edge.

Our programs are rigorous, intense and thorough. Physical training is supplemented with instruction in operational procedures. The goal of the MAX Training Academy is to ensure that each member of your security team has the resourcefulness and presence of mind to act in crisis situations they might not have even imagined encountering. In a world where the unknown is becoming an everyday event, your security personnel will know how to think on their feet and act with a steady hand.
After all, terror doesn’t take its time. And it doesn’t forgive. Give your security team the edge over an enemy you never thought you’d have to face.

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