German riot police use water cannons against protesters during the demonstrations during the G20 summit in Hamburg | REUTERS

G20 – Ensuring business continuity in an escalating, increasingly unpredictable climate

On July 7-8, 2017, as world leaders gathered in Hamburg, Germany to attend the G20 Summit, the streets were flooded with tens of thousands of demonstrators. The protest quickly descended into violence and rioting, creating an unpredictable and high-risk environment for both businesses, residents and those attending the summit. As demand for security services increased, a media company became increasingly worried about whether or not it could continue its coverage of the summit without putting its own employees’ safety at risk.

MAX Responds

The night before the summit, the media company contacted MAX requesting appropriate support for the duration of the event. Due to the ongoing summit and the increasingly risky situation on the ground, security services were in short supply. With very short notice and no prior planning, MAX worked quickly to mobilize two German Executive Protection Officers (EPAs) for the following morning. Despite the short notice, two experienced and qualified professionals were dispatched, ensuring that the client could press ahead with their agenda and ensure their business continuity.

MAX Acts

The MAX EPAs provided excellent local knowledge of the city, its geography and key destinations, underpinned by a network of local contacts. Back at headquarters, the MAX Global Command Center oversaw and provided coordination of the task, working with the Intelligence Division to continuously monitor the situation across Hamburg. Situation updates were fed live to the EPAs to go hand-in-hand with the developments they were experiencing on the ground.

During the riots, police barricaded certain higher-risk areas and closed off access to the public, restricting access to the violent clashes. MAX was able to liaise with law enforcement on the ground and establish a protocol that allowed our clients to get closer to the heart of the protests whilst maintaining the ability to ensure safety. The client was thus able to report the facts without being exposed to direct and unnecessary risk, enabling a balance between safety and capturing unfolding events.

Business Amid Chaos

Over the course of the G20 Summit, Hamburg was plagued with thousands of violent protestors, arson attacks, and countless assaults on bystanders. In this dynamic and unpredictable situation, MAX embraced the challenge of executing a time-sensitive operation by mobilizing resources and putting together a ground support team at a moment’s notice. The ability to act and react quickly, coupled with experience and flexibility in working in such complex environments, meant MAX was able to ensure the client’s business continuity and safety and security at all times. Ultimately, the client’s objective – to successfully cover the G20 Summit, and the surrounding events – was successful.