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Qatar Doha

On January 5, Qatar and a Saudi-led bloc of states signed the “al-Ula Declaration” and restored diplomatic ties following a three-year rift. This constitutes a major achievement for the former, which has been able to circumvent the challenges of exclusion by the latter by relying on its resources and strategic alliances with the US, as well as Turkey and Iran.

While successful far-right militant attacks have decreased in 2020, Europe continues to see significant levels of radicalization. Far-right extremists are capitalizing on COVID-19-related grievances, infiltrating anti-lockdown protests and rallies in an attempt to become more visible and push their agenda. Travel to Europe may continue while maintaining vigilance for militant-related activity.

On December 10, US President Donald Trump announced that Morocco and Israel have agreed to normalize relations, adding to a growing trend of Arab states establishing official ties with Jerusalem. He also proclaimed that the US recognizes Morocco’s sovereignty over Western Sahara, this may increase tensions in the region.