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Dedicated Intelligence Analyst

MAX’s Dedicated Analyst service allows your organization to harness our full intelligence gathering and analysis capabilities, with an assigned professional committed to your specific focus and requirements.

Our service is designed for organizations with activity requiring accurate insights and actionable intelligence to strengthen organizational resilience and maintain a step ahead in determining opportunities and risks.

Sitting within our Intelligence Division, the experienced Analyst assigned to you will be able to utilize full access of MAX’s data mining tools and technology, network and sources and social media monitoring tools.

Our analysts come from multiple disciplines, such as military and governmental intelligence units, international relations and politics studies, conflict resolution, and from myriad backgrounds such as academia, industry and journalism.

The collection of intelligence, comprehensive analysis and tailored briefings are all developed with you, ensuring we are working to your specific requirements.

Services may include:

  • Client-focused intelligence regarding incidents and events that might impact your organization, employees and assets.
  • Global events monitoring that might impact your organization.
  • Valuable insight into country safety and security concerns and issue travel advisories.
  • Travel security recommendations for employees.
  • Social media monitoring for threats to your business.

The Dedicated Analyst service enables your organization to expand capabilities on a whole new level and have quick access to intelligence experts with tangible knowledge of in-depth issues that concern you, without the costs and capacity issues of smaller, less efficient solutions.

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