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Global Command Center

A security command center that never sleeps

The MAX Global Command Center works around the clock, 24/7/365 so that no matter when the need arises, help is on its way. Our Command Center maintains a proactive approach to exposing risk by overseeing conditions worldwide through constant monitoring. We keep an eye on developing situations, especially those where you have ongoing business, to give you the peace of mind that your interests are protected. The GCC is quick to react, providing real-time information and guidance to you when events unfold and when you need it most.

Risk management done right

Based at our company headquarters, the MAX Global Command Center is staffed with well-trained in-house experts who provide comprehensive risk management and intelligence insights during any task or emergency. We provide a vital point of contact whenever you are in need of a reliable and exceptional security solution. Whether the need arises while working, travelling in unpredictable environments, or when facing situations that pose a significant risk to your employees or business operations, our security specialists are always just a call away.

travel security global command center

Combining intelligence with operational experience

Our methodology focuses on our robust operational and logistical support, which, when partnered with our Intelligence Division, ensures we are able to provide dynamic and comprehensive assistance to you, whatever the situation may be.

The Global Command Center’s operational effectiveness is maintained by:

  • Instantaneous analysis across a multitude of information sources to assess relevant and critical events worldwide
  • Collaboration between our intelligence team and ground support resources to provide analyses and recommendations throughout unfolding events
  • Highly trained global executive protection operations team with expertise in actionable mitigation solutions and crisis response

The MAX GCC subscription provides:

Operational Advisory & Support: Prompt operational advice whenever necessary and first priority for activation of on-ground support, whether as a routine security assurance, proactive measure or as crisis response.

Intelligence Experts Ad-Hoc Consultation: Access to senior intelligence analysts for timely distribution of intelligence briefing and informational alerts where a significant event or situation threatens to impact your employees and business operations.

On Call Operational Support Service: 24/7 on-call senior risk manager overseeing itinerary with prepared on-ground deployment capabilities and access to secured resources and personnel.

Crisis Response: Crisis-management capabilities available during serious incidents to support requests for assistance such as employee extraction or evacuation.

A global facility to meet your global needs

The MAX GCC, together with our Crisis Management Specialists worldwide, currently supports a number of the world’s leading organizations and businesses. We ensure that routine services, as well as crisis response requests, are met with instant and professional assistance that gives you confidence and reassurance.


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