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Protective Monitoring

Threats to your company can arise from anywhere and at any time, and it’s the goal of security managers to develop methods and sources for uncovering those threats, but are corporate security teams looking in the right places?

The realm of information is boundless – including media outlets and the clear web, social media and the deep web, and the criminal elements who occupy the dark web. Without a full understanding of these three domains, it is impossible to build holistic intelligence solutions that can fully protect your company against the next violent demonstration, attack, or campaign aimed at your executives and infrastructure.

MAX’s Customized Threat Monitoring, in which we track online actors and transactions through all corners of the web, was developed in order to provide security managers with useful intelligence on the covert discussions and plans of clandestine groups. This allows us to give advance warning of all physical and virtual threats and make sure security teams are better prepared to combat any issues when they arise, wherever they arise.

Utilizing extended WEBINT capabilities, our analysts continuously monitor for mentions and threats against any organization or its specified interests and determine the volume and severity of any negative sentiments. This gives security managers a head start initiating any relevant procedures to protect the company and its reputation. Serious red flags and immediate alerts are sent out on an ad-hoc basis to help bring time sensitive risks to the security manager’s attention so they can neutralize the threat.
Only the combination of both broad geopolitical intelligence and Customized Threat Monitoring will provide your organization with a full, 360-degree intelligence coverage package, focused on your unique requirements.

How it works:

Comprehensive Risk Assessment (CRA) – We scan different web domains (clear, deep, and dark) to determine and map the threats. The outcomes of this stage will present an initial and clear picture of any threats at an affordable price. Acting as a base for further decision making, the CRA helps to understand whether or not additional measures should be considered.

Threat Monitoring – Based on the CRA we will launch a focused and dedicated intelligence collection and analysis program, tailored to fit the organization. This program is tailored to each client individually to make sure we match our highly trained and professional analysts with the unique and specific challenges of each organization.

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