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Cyberspace Monitoring Service

Don’t get caught in the web.
The cyber domain connects every aspect of our lives, existing in every corner of our business environment and personal life. It’s where we share thoughts, ideas, reviews and more. In the hands of a rival or a discontented employee, the cyber domain can become dangerous with great potential for damage. It is here, in these common and seemingly safe spaces of the web, where you can find the seeds for the next strike, for potential adversaries planning their slander campaigns, and even for malicious plans. Online displays of discontentment with your company can reach huge audiences. Even more threatening is the risk of sensitive data and information being leaked by employees seeking to harm your brand or make personal capitalistic gains at your expense. Ultimately, this can negatively impact your business or personal reputation with little to no time or effort on their part.

MAX offers two types of Cyberspace Monitoring Services:

Cyberspace Monitoring for Businesses and Organizations
Offers monitoring of the cyber domain to determine sentiments and potential threats to your company or organization.

VIP Cyberspace Monitoring
Provides cyber capabilities to high profile individuals seeking to monitor and maintain their own personal brand and reputation. Additionally, it provides preventive safety measures to you and your family members.

Exploiting the cyber domain for your needs.
Given this reality, it is only logical to use the cyber domain’s potential for your needs. It is not enough to surround yourself or your company with layers of physical protection. You can utilize the web to safeguard your brand and manage your reputation, to better understand your employees and customers, and sometimes even sense undercurrents in the following ways:

1. Brand Monitoring – Be knowledgeable of what is being said
Utilizing extended WEBINT capabilities, MAX analysts will monitor a wide spectrum of social media platforms, from social media giants such as Facebook and Twitter to local social networks, blogs, and news sites. They will look for mentions of your name or company’s name as well as discussions regarding your brand. collaboration with the client understanding the specific needs.

2. Reputation Management – Monitor problem makers
Identify the leading influencers and negative mentions on the web to counter and mitigate them in advance. When deemed necessary, MAX analysts actively monitor and influence discussions on different social media platforms based on the direction desired by the organization. Additionally, MAX Virtual HUMINT capabilities allow the analysts to monitor deep-web and Darknet password-protected forums. This provides insight into the plans of activists in hard to reach forums who can negatively impacting your brand and products.

3. Organizational Readiness – Discover the threat from within
Monitor employees and what they are saying, both in public forums and in closed circles. Uncover discontentment, identify key leaders and be alerted of any brewing turmoil before it’s a little too late. MAX analysts will use dedicated “avatars” (fictional online identities) who will follow the discussions amongst your employees in order to discover any negative sentiments and discontentment they may have, and their plans forward. Disruptive leaders will be identified in order to help you contain them and their impact.

4. Threat detection – Counter malicious intentions before they happen
MAX analysts use dedicated “avatars” (fictional online identities) in order to monitor public forums as well as closed circles throughout the web. This includes access to open domains as well as the deep and dark web in order to discover criminal and other malign objectives. Uncover malicious plans to harm you and your loved ones ahead of time. We will map out the different entities identified as potential threats and penetrate their closed circles to hunt for relevant information. Any threat will be reported to you immediately together with our operational recommendations.

The process for composing the Cyberspace Monitoring Service includes focused information-gathering from across the web. This includes intelligence from traditional, national and local media sources, deep social media utilization (closed and restricted social media channels), integration of local input, and cross-referencing and analysis by country experts. It takes approximately 2-3 months to create the infrastructure and stabilize the deployed avatars in the Cyber Domain. Only once the avatars are active and “accepted” by the targets will they become efficient and have the ability to collect sensitive information. After the assimilation stage the avatars start being proactive in changing and influencing opinions. There are additional tools that can be utilized. If deemed necessary, these supplementary services will be implemented upon

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