Multinational pharmaceutical company keeps business continuity in stormy weather

Thailand Floods 2011

Thailand Floods 2011 – Crisis management, live information, supply chain support, financial loss prevention.

At the closure of the 2011 monsoon season, Tropical storm Nock-ten triggered widespread flooding in northern Thailand. Runoff from the floods quickly began to drift south directly towards Bangkok, sparking fears that the capital’s business districts and industrial zones would be damaged. Max Security Solutions was commissioned by a multinational pharmaceutical company to provide crisis management, ground support and live updates on the threat posed by the flooding to the corporation’s local offices and business continuity in Thailand.

Solution provided

  • Max Security’s Intelligence division quickly established an intelligence gathering mechanism to track floodwaters and the government’s establishment of emergency flood protection measures around the capital.
  • Max provided the client with daily alerts and summaries on the progression of floodwaters, newly erected floodwalls, and newly threatened districts. Each report was provided with visual layout of events over satellite imagery in reference to the client’s location.
  • As the floods approached the northern districts of the city, Max analysts used social media and ground sources to track local rioting and damage to floodwalls, in addition to political pressure on the government forcing a relief of flooded impoverished areas
  • Max Security’s Operations department deployed a senior crisis manager to Bangkok to assess flood impact, provide consultation to the local country manager and facilitate the client’s business operations from Bangkok to flooded areas. This included complex logistical operations to ensure business continuity.

Result: Employee and asset safety ensured, business operations continued

Max enabled the client to ensure the safety of local and expat employees and physical assets.
Max supported ongoing business operations and facilitated clinical trials in the region, including in flood stricken areas, preventing financial loss, while many other locally-based corporations had halted operations.