From Audit to Implementation: Corporate Security Design

Written by Sharon Behar

Edited by Trevor Shaff 

MAX Consulting team has recently conducted a comprehensive security audit for a private international investment bank. The security audit is an evaluation of a company’s existing security processes, technology and manpower, which is measured through various levels of analysis to ensure the security of staff, assets, and the site as well as business continuity. This project focused on an existing facility in a major city in Western Europe.

In order to perform the security audit MAX consultants executed the following stages:

Risk, Threat and Vulnerability Assessment (RTVA) – The RTVA is divided into categories such as, crime, safety, public disorder, natural disaster and terror. The assessment aims to evaluate threats (likelihood) and risks (consequences) for each of these categories by surveying the geographical areas of the site, including the periphery, the perimeter, the yard and internal areas. In each geographical area, MAX experts assessed the structural, technological and human security domains.

• Proposed Solutions and Protection Recommendations – MAX consultants offered practical recommendations to mitigate the security gaps that have been found. They ensured that in each geographical area the security objectives of detection, deterrence, evaluation and protection are achieved. They prioritized the proposed recommendations and solutions and provided steps the client should take in each domain.

After a thorough review of the audit report and discussions with the office building management, the client considered there to be too many security gaps and challenges and made the decision to relocate its offices. The client, together with the MAX team, viewed various locations in the area in order to determine the most appropriate site, taking security aspects into account. Once they finalized the location, they began the security design.

In order to perform the security design MAX consultants executed the following stages:

RTVA – An RTVA, as above, was written for the new site. During this stage, the MAX team met with the architects, relevant electrical and ICT contractors, project management, project owners and any other relevant personnel on the design team. MAX consultants were part of the architectural design team and were involved in all aspects of the design of the building, which included: study of the master plan, study of all relevant autocad drawings and layouts, study of architectural study design codes, pedestrian and vehicle traffic flow and management.

Master Security Plan (MSP) –After gathering all required information, MAX experts finalized the MSP and focused on how the concept will integrate efficiently within the environment, personnel and property. The detailed report included how the full infrastructure would work as an integrated security management system taking into account all the relevant threats and risks to design a holistic cost-effective yet efficient security plan. It also included a technical design and layout of a control room that is organized to gather, process, analyze, display and disseminate planning and operational data.
Preparation for Tender – MAX consultants developed RFPs, tender documents, bill of quantities and technical specifications for each security requirement, involving the client in all aspects of the tender preparations to ensure that the RFPs and documents match the client’s official policies.
Selection of the vendor – Once all the technical specifications and tender documents were completed, MAX consultants assisted the client in the evaluation process of proposals received by the participating vendors. During this stage, 3-4 companies presented their technical abilities, suggested solutions and critical design review (CDR) for execution. Following the presentations, MAX consultants presented a comparative analysis and assisted the client in the selection of the vendor as well as partaking in the negotiation of the contract.
Supervision, testing and commissioning – MAX team controlled and supervised the chosen vendor in overseeing the installation and testing of security equipment while representing the client to ensure that all aspects of the security system have been installed as per the specifications and MSP.
Training – After taking everything into consideration, MAX consultants prepared Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) with clear instructions on required actions during routine and emergency. They also provided periodic training to security teams, management and full staff on physical security concepts, security awareness, evacuation plan and drills.

From conception to completion and beyond, MAX consultants are with you, whether it is an onsite audit of your current security or as part of the design team to provide cost-effective, practical and logical security solutions for your new building project.

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