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Case Studies

Securing Dredging Operations in a Hostile Environment

MAX Security was contacted to propose and provide consulting to a large dredging project in the Middle East.

Protecting Critical Infrastructure in Nigeria

Workers repair a turbine inside Furnas hydroelectric dam in Minas Gerais

MAX Operations receives contract to secure construction project in Nigeria. Security provided to ensure completion of infrastructure repair.

From Audit to Implementation: Corporate Security Design

MAX Consulting team has recently conducted a comprehensive security audit for a private international investment bank. The security audit is an evaluation of a company’s existing security processes, technology and manpower, which is measured through various levels of analysis to ensure the security of staff, assets, and the site as well as business continuity.

G20 – Ensuring business continuity in an escalating, increasingly unpredictable climate

German riot police use water cannons against protesters during the demonstrations during the G20 summit in Hamburg | REUTERS

On July 7-8, 2017, as world leaders gathered in Hamburg, Germany to attend the G20 Summit, the streets were flooded with tens of thousands of demonstrators. The protest quickly descended into violence and rioting, creating an unpredictable and high-risk environment for both businesses, residents and those attending the summit. As demand for security services increased, a media company became increasingly worried about whether or not it could continue its coverage of the summit without putting its own employees’ safety at risk.

Resourcefulness, reassurance and rescue amid chaos

On the night of June 28, three well-trained assailants launched coordinated attacks at Istanbul’s Ataturk International Airport. After attempting to breach the terminal’s initial security checkpoint, two of the militants engaged airport security in a gun battle. Both assailants then detonated themselves, while the third did the same outside the airport’s international terminal. Forty-one people…

International consulting firm uses custom intelligence and security support for travelers

Intelligence and security support enables client to continue business following high-profile assassination and unrest
In October 2012, a car bomb detonated in Beirut’s Ashrafiyeh District, killing a high-profile security official with ties to Lebanon’s political opposition and Syrian rebels.

4 High profile executives need low profile protection in 5 high risk African destinations

Itinerary based Intelligence monitoring, executive protection, logistical support
Max Security was requested to provide comprehensive services for a visit by four senior corporate executives to five destinations in three African nations. The visit included high-risk destinations and a tight schedule, requiring a high level of logistical support in addition to protection and intelligence monitoring services.

Multinational pharmaceutical company keeps business continuity in stormy weather

Crisis management, live information, supply chain support, financial loss prevention
At the closure of the 2011 monsoon season, Tropical storm Nock-ten triggered widespread flooding in northern Thailand. Runoff from the floods quickly began to drift south directly towards Bangkok, sparking fears that the capital’s business districts and industrial zones would be damaged.

Arab Spring 2011: Crisis support & evacuation

Evacuation of foreign students stranded in rural area in Egypt

January, 2011: Amidst a breakdown in public services and increasingly uncertain political and security situation unfolding nationwide, dozens of foreign entities from a variety of sectors requested evacuation simultaneously from Egypt. With many security providers overwhelmed and unprepared for requests of evacuation, Max Security facilitated the safe evacuation of hundreds of expats based in the Middle East and North Africa.