Join us for the annual MAX CSO Seminar in Israel. This unique seminar is designed exclusively for CSO’s and Senior Security Managers. With over 20 years’ experience providing security and risk management solutions in over 120 countries, we make sure business is as usual, even where it’s not.

What you can expect

An intensive five days of workshops, lectures, site tours, and hands-on training. You’ll gain a unique perspective on today’s geopolitical climate, led by veterans of Israel’s elite counterterrorism, special ops, and intelligence units. The seminar will provide you with tools developed through Israel’s decades of experience in maintaining business continuity and growth in an environment of ongoing crises. Participants will learn to identify external and internal risks to the organization and receive a toolkit to enhance organizational security.


Early Afternoon Check-in, Evening Cocktails, and Introduction


Global Threats Forecast

Deep analysis and forecast of the threats facing global businesses in 2020, including expert insights into:

  • Modus operandi of major terrorist organizations
  • Threats posed by growing criminal elements
  • Emerging geopolitical threats

Travel Security

Lecture covering the methods and strategies of journey management that need to be implemented to maintain alertness and preparedness in areas where terror, crime, and political instability are an everyday fact of life. Topics include:

  • Case studies of operational planning and response
  • Remote emergency response management
  • Geo-tracking and employee safety
  • Cross divisional synergy and collaboration

Crisis Management

Combination of lectures, case studies, and class participation activities conducted by experienced MAX instructors. Case studies of actual crisis situations will emphasize and enhance the lessons, along with unique interactive class activities that will provide additional hands-on experience. Topics include:

  • Introduction to a range of effective crisis management exercise tools
  • Techniques to identify and prioritize likely sources of crises
  • Tools to improve organizational readiness

Special Guest Lecture

Case study of “lone wolf” and suicide bomber attacks presented by a security manager with experience in engaging a suicide bomber, including lessons that can be learned from this attack and how they are applicable today.


Corporate Facilities Security Layout – Routine and Emergency Handling

Site tour of a major Israeli corporate entity hosted by its CSO with insights into security implementation. The tour includes an overview of:

  • Corporate emergency preparednes
  • Differentiating routine incidents vs. emergencies, including action plans for each scenario
  • Decision making under stress – damage minimization
  • Short-term and long-term security management enabling a return to normalcy after an event

Challenges in an Unstable and Volatile Environment

Tour of the Israel–Gaza border including intelligence briefing. A first-hand look at the geographic conditions challenging Israeli security, while gaining expert insights into the challenges businesses and communities face from the unique and complex security environment.


Intelligence as a Decision-Making Tool for CSO’s

Lecture covering the importance of intelligence as a decision-making tool for senior security managers, exploring better ways to evaluate information from various sources and introducing the participants to a number of assessment tools. Topics include:

  • Quality of information – surface information as opposed to deep assessments
  • Types of resources – advantages and disadvantages
  • Intelligence as an assessment tool for decision making
  • Collaboration between intelligence and operational teams using in-depth intelligence analysis and tools in real-time to supplement on-ground missions

Physical Demonstrations, Simulations

Hands on session using a weapons simulator that, as a result of the advance of technology, brings with it the ability to change and adopt new training methodologies. Goals of simulation:

  • Refining decision making tools of security officers in diverse situations
  • Training in responsible weapons handling, diagnosis and identification of “friend” or “foe”, and decision-making under uncertain conditions
  • Simulations that allow security officers to practice responses to recurrent situations
  • Hands-on experience that enables participants to examine and gain awareness of their methodologies and abilities

Protective Threat Monitoring

Introduction to the merging worlds of cyber and physical security, looking into the importance of collaborations between CSOs and CSIOs. Providing an understanding of the tools and technologies used to monitor physical threats in the cyber domain.
Topics include:

  • Protective monitoring
  • Connections between cyber-attacks and physical attacks
  • Identification of campaigns and mitigation measures

Internal Threat

Overview of the threats posed to private and public organizations by internal actors, including an introduction into various methodologies that can strengthen abilities to recognize and alleviate such threats. Topics include:

  • Type of threats – terror/criminal/cyber
  • Profile of a suicide bomber/religious extremism
  • Routine acknowledgment/abnormality detection tools
  • Cross-reference data basing

Technological Capabilities in the Investigation and HR Fields

Introduction to advanced technological investigation focus tools; face-to-face live interrogation, over the phone, and live recorded material from any source.
Case studies include:

  • Detecting criminal infiltrations into established companies, including attempts involving employees
  • Detecting sources of leaked information
  • Effective HR process – pre-employment analysis and periodic analysis for existing employees


Jerusalem On-Site Training - Understanding the Implications of Layered and Complex Environments to Journey Management

Training session and tour which will enable participants to experience, first-hand, a journey management scenario in and around locations with a complex mix of threats from a historic, cultural, psychological, and security perspective. Topics Include:

  • Insight into journey management and on-ground operations – importance of local knowledge in journey management planning
  • Overview of misunderstandings rooted in cultural differences and discussion with key figures within the region
  • The history and complexity of the city of Jerusalem
  • On-site case studies of extremist incident attacks

In addition, you will attend a lecture by a leading Palestinian speaker on the Palestinian security perspective – understanding the complexities of the conflict, as well as its challenges in an internal, regional, and international context.

Tour of MAX office and facilities.
Farewell Toast and Certificate Presentation Ceremony

For over 20 years, MAX has been protecting some of the Fortune 500’s most prestigious companies.Get the tools, insights and experience you need to protect yours.


  • Early Bird Seminar Fee: $4,950 per person
    Registration prior to 21/12/2019
  • Regular Seminar Fee: $5,350 per person
    Last registration date 20/02/2020

Prices above include all seminar fees, transportation, hotel accommodations for 5 nights, meals, welcome cocktail and farewell gala. Prices do not include airfare. Agenda is subject to change.

Special offers for groups.

  • In partnership with ASIS Israel
  • Participants with CPP/PCI/PSP certification attending are eligible to earn CPE’s (re-certification credits for ASIS)

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