Global terror is evolving. Becoming more radical. More sophisticated in its methods. And more of a threat to your business.

MAX sees this evolution from a unique perspective. Surrounded by enemies minutes from our doorstep, we rely on a level of planning and resourcefulness beyond the means of most others.

Now we invite a select group of global security professionals to learn those skills from veterans of Israel’s elite counterterrorism units.

Join Us for Our Annual Seminar in Israel. This Unique Seminar, Conducted by MAX Security, is Exclusively for COOs, CSOs and Security Managers.

What you can expect

Global Business vs. Global Terror: an intensive week of workshops, lectures, site tours and hands-on training. You’ll gain a unique perspective on today’s geopolitical tectonic shifts, led by veterans of Israel’s elite counterterrorism, special ops and intelligence units. By session’s end, you’ll have what it takes to anticipate threats and act on them before they act on you.


Early afternoon check-in, evening cocktail, introduction and keynote speaker

DAY 1 / MARCH 10

Maintaining emergency routine

In this section, you will learn the methods and strategies Israelis use to remain vigilant, alert and prepared in an environment where terror is an everyday fact of life. Agenda includes:


Israel’s unique ability to maintain normalcy in an environment of ongoing crisis

  • Two decades of terror and its impact on Israel’s citizens and businesses
  • Novel security techniques Israelis have deployed as preventative measures and for rapid response
  • The heightened sense of awareness inherent in a society accustomed to terror as a fact of everyday life
  • Interaction and tensions among an ethnically mixed population
  • Actual case studies describing threat, solution and long-term impact
  • A tour of Old Jaffa highlighting the realities and complexities of this multi-cultural city
  • The impact that routine and crisis situations have on the tense relationship between various cultures
  • How the local population copes with crisis situations
  • On location case study of “lone wolf” and suicide bomber attacks

Authentic Israeli/Arab culinary experience

Travel security

In this section, you will learn the methods and strategies Israelis use to remain vigilant, alert and prepared in an environment where terror is an everyday fact of life. Agenda includes:

Travel awareness

  • A detailed review of threats and cultural “traps” endemic to today’s business travel (includes hands-on simulations)


Dinner and drinks at Mike’s Place

  • An on-location history of a suicide bomber attack in Tel Aviv
  • Providing a broad perspective on the global terror threat
  • What can be learned from this attack and how is it applicable today

DAY 2 / MARCH 11

Physical demonstrations, simulations

This section, which takes place in a shooting range, gives you the opportunity to experience Israeli shooting techniques using live ammo. Agenda includes:

Hands-on practical experience

  • Israeli shooting methodology and physical displays
  • Krav Maga and tactical scenario simulations


Solutions for travel security – command and control

Here you’ll learn how to effectively manage a travel itinerary from a central command structure, understanding some of the technological solutions.


Introduction to intelligence as a means to business continuity

This section will teach you to use intelligence to keep your business running in the face of today’s ongoing terror threats. Agenda includes:

Intelligence as a tool to sustain corporate strategic goals in the Post Arab Spring

  • Instability and the rise of radical Islam in the Middle East and North Africa
  • Threats, challenges and impact of  global terror on global business


DAY 3 / MARCH 12



The New World challenges in an unstable and volatile environment

In this section you will see first-hand the geographic conditions challenging Israeli security, while gaining expert insights into the challenges business faces from major terrorist organizations.
Agenda includes:

Scenic visit to the Israeli, Syrian and Lebanese border

  • A view of the key terrorist battlegrounds along the Golan Heights
    Expert analysis regarding the current Syrian/Lebanese situation, emphasizing
  • major terror organizations including Islamic State and the Nusra Front
  • Islamic State’s global expansion and its effect on business continuity in Europe and the Far East
  • Visit one of Israel’s boutique wineries and taste the regions unique blends (See the website here)
  • Experience hospitality and the sites and flavors of the Galilee at the private home of MAX’s Senior Manager

DAY 4 / MARCH 13

Corporate facilities security layout – routine and emergency handling

This section will give you access to and participation in an Israeli security management operation to view   know-how, solution verticals and decision-making skills needed to protect your own business facility. Agenda includes:

Site tour of a major Israeli corporate entity hosted by its CSO with insights into security implementation

  • Participation in an emergency drill simulating a real life scenario with insight into
  • preparation, management and takeaway

Corporate emergency preparedness

  • Planning a routine security concept
  • Defining threats
  • Understanding social engineering through service and local cultures
    (environmental and organizational)
  • Differentiating routine incidents vs. emergencies with plans of action for each
  • Decision making under stress – damage minimization
  • Short-term and long-term security management enabling a return to normalcy after an event


DAY 5 / MARCH 14



Understanding Islam and the implications to business continuity

The concluding section will give you greater insight into the roots of today’s global security situation  from a historic, cultural and psychological perspective. Agenda includes:

Tour of Jerusalem from the perspective of Israeli security experts

  • Understanding traditional Islam and its beliefs
  • History and development of radical Islam

Authentic Middle Eastern Lunch

Challenges in a multicultural society

  • Avoiding misunderstandings rooted in cultural differences
  • BPR (behavior pattern recognition) tools to identify radicalism in your organization

Tour of MAX office and facilities. Farewell toast and the presentation of certificates

For over 20 years, MAX has been protecting some of the Fortune 500’s most prestigious companies.Get the tools, insights and experience you need to protect yours.


  • Early Bird Seminar Fee: $5,650 per person

    registration prior to 21/12/2017

  • Regular Seminar Fee: $5,975 per person

    last registration date 20/02/2018

Prices above include all seminar fees, transportation, hotel accommodations for 5 nights, 3 meals per day, welcome cocktail and farewell gala. Prices do not include airfare. Agenda is subject to change.

An optional weekend tour of select sites across Israel will be available following the Seminar. Experience Israel with a dedicated and experienced tour guide who will show you the unique attractions the country has to offer. Tour is dependent on a minimum participation and additional fees will apply.

Special offers for groups.

  • In partnership with ASIS Israel
  • Participants with CPP/PCI/PSP certification attending are eligible to earn CPE’s (re-certification credits for ASIS)

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