International consulting firm uses custom intelligence and security support for travelers

Lebanon Unrest following assassination, 2012

Intelligence and security support enables client to continue business following high-profile assassination and unrest  in Lebanon.

In October 2012, a car bomb detonated in Beirut’s Ashrafiyeh District, killing a high-profile security official with ties to Lebanon’s political opposition and Syrian rebels. The assassination sparked mass protests, including violence in central Beirut, terror threats and closures of airport access routes. Max Security’s intelligence department warned ahead of the destabilizing impact of the assassination and alerted clients with assets on ground of possible threats to employee security. An International Consulting firm requested custom intelligence tactical monitoring and security support, for foreign travelers visiting Lebanon, with the goal of safely carrying out the remainder of meetings if possible.

Solution provided

  • Max’s Intel division dedicated an analyst to monitor the client’s specific itinerary in relation to ongoing civil unrest and provided prompt updates on security-related events taking place in the vicinity. Local media, on ground sources and social media were utilized and cross referenced.
  • Max Security’s Operations department provided low profile security & logistical support.
  • Max Intel monitored airport routes and provided updates on closures and alternative routes in case a quick evacuation will be needed.
  • Additional crisis and evacuation support staff was retained on standby.

Result: Business continued, security ensured, financial loss prevented

The client’s employees were able to continue their business trip according to travel recommendations provided in real time by Max Security’s Intelligence department. The client’s security manager was recommended to refrain from employing close protection, evacuation, or other costly emergency procedures while allowing company employees to complete their business goals safely.