By Daniel N. The Islamist-led government has one year to instill optimism over Tunisia’s battered economy, or else risk failure in the next elections After months of uncertainty and fears of an Islamist takeover after elections, the nation which kicked off the “Arab Spring” is finally showing signs of stability. The National Constituent Assembly (NCA)

By Jay R. As the Arab Spring has forced successive leaders from their posts, Turkey has been positioning itself to be the hegemon of influence in the region. This effort can be seen through the visits of Prime Minister Erdogan to Egypt and Libya, in addition to his nation’s strong stance against Assad’s Allawite regime

By Daniel N. With Islamist’s hands tied by their ongoing success in parliamentary elections, the army has one last chance to secure its influence in Egypt’s future government before it’s too late. Last week, a ranking SCAF official held a highly unusual press conference exclusively with foreign correspondents. In what was widely perceived to be a message

By Max Security’s Intelligence Department  In October 2011, the Kenyan military began a major operation in neighboring Somalia to root out one of Africa’s most notorious militant groups- Al Shabaab. The invasion added Kenya to the growing list of nations which have become embroiled in the fight to stabilize the troubled Horn of Africa, after

By Daniel N. A new Syrian regime sympathetic to Turkey, would plug the last whole in Turkey’s quest for regional hegemony. The Syrian conflict is entering its tenth month with Assad’s grip on power largely intact. As opposed to Libya, Egypt, and even Yemen, the international community has been largely reluctant to pressure the Assad regime to

By Daniel N. Only a dramatic escalation in the Syrian conflict will convince the world that Assad must fall On December 2nd, Syrian insurgents staged an attack on an Intelligence facility in northern Idlib province. Eight people were killed in the ensuing clashes, including several Air Force intelligence personnel. Like the high-profile attack on the

By Jay R. Iraq has no doubt been plagued by security deficiencies throughout the last nine years of war, which have been capitalized on by both Sunni insurgents and Shiite militias alike. The attacks carried out by both parties have been frequently reported on in the media, making any Westerner think twice before visiting the

By Daniel N. Election results show that Egypt’s future rests solely in hands of conservative Islam. Had he been alive today, Muslim Brotherhood founder Hassan al Banna would have been proud. Nearly 83 years since its founding, it appears as though the Islamist organization’s patience has finally paid off, after the group came away as

By Daniel N. Early this morning, residents of Israel’s western Galilee were awoken by blasts caused by four rockets which landed near the shared border with Lebanon. Exactly which town was struck was not immediately announced by Israeli media, probably in accordance with military procedure of not confirming direct hits for rocket launching squads across