Get informed, be proactive

Getting timely, accurate, and relevant information is most often the deciding factor of any successful business venture, security task, or long-term policy planning. MAX Security’s Intelligence Division provides clients with information which is critical to their business continuity, along with actionable assessments, and practical recommendations.


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Our range of intelligence and risk analysis services will help you:

  • Make risk management decisions proactively, rather than reactively.

  • Prepare, assess and mitigate threats in a timely and efficient manner.

  • Remain aware of strategic and tactical developments and their implications

  • Save money by pre-empting hindrances caused by security threats and infrastructure failures.


Versatility through diversity, advantage in proximity

Operating from the heart of the Middle East, our intelligence analysts hail from diverse backgrounds, ranging from the government and military to elite academic institutions. Our analysts also have crucial ‘on ground’ experience in the regions they cover.  By pooling those diverse backgrounds, attitudes, and experiences, we are able to provide profound assessments through local expertise.


Unlocking the potential of new media and adapting methodologies

We emphasize harnessing new media and changing gathering tools in order to constantly adapt to the ways in which information is disseminated and analyzed. Our in-house methodologies triangulate social media, local media and our vast network of local sources, to provide timely, accurate and proactive risk intelligence.


A Range of Products to Facilitate Pro-Active Risk Management

Regional Intelligence Subscription Packages

Regional intelligence packages are designed to provide clients with deep familiarity of the world’s most volatile operating environments. A subscription provides everything from tactical updates on localized incidents, to in-depth analysis on important and often underlying geopolitical issues.  (Read More)

Currently available for the Middle East, North Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa. and Asia Pacific

Travel Security Intelligence

Whether you have an at-risk executive attending a major conference in Indonesia, are sending a team oversees to an on-site project in a remote area of Libya, or relocating a valued employee from North America to South America, MAX provides customized travel briefings to suit every visit — short term or long term, high risk or low risk with specific references to travel dates, nationalities and relevant current events.  (Read More) 

Risk Assessments

Harness the versatility and resources of our intelligence analysts to gauge specific risks to your business operations and interests across the world. (Read More) 

Market Entry Assessments

Looking to expand your operations into lucrative new markets? We’ll provide you with an all-you-need-to-know report on what to expect when setting up shop in foreign operating environments. (Read More)

Intelligence Briefings (Verbal)

Max Security Solutions’ Intelligence Division provides custom-tailored verbal briefings to top-level corporate decision makers, government officials, diplomats, journalists, and others seeking in-depth and focused information and analysis. (Read More)


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