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Max Security

Intelligence Reports and Security Risk Management

Separating the essential from the “white noise”

MSI integrates modern technology with proven intelligence gathering techniques.

Max Security Intelligence (MSI) provides critical intelligence analysis and risk assessments, integrating deep local knowledge and experience. Our practical intelligence reports will help you take pro-active safety measures, make better decisions, save money, and most importantly, help you ensure the security and safety of your most valuable assets.


A comprehensive approach to risk management

Our approach to Intelligence risk management is broad. We provide comprehensive coverage, analysis, and consulting on any and diverse issues which may impact our clients’ ability to conduct smooth business in changing environments. These issues include political turmoil, cultural and religious trends, bureaucratic hindrances, infrastructure failures, in addition to classic security threats such as crime and terror.

We pride ourselves on the ability to fill the gaps in the commercial intelligence market, providing our clients with concise, timely, creative and dependable solutions to enable business continuity. 


Intelligence Products and Services:

Regional Intelligence Package:  Daily updates, incident alerts, regional summaries and special reports on the world’s most volatile and dynamic regions.

Currently available of the Middle East, North Africa, and Sub-Saharan Africa. 

Tactical Intelligence Monitoring: Rapid, near real time reporting on a specific area of operations, focused on actionable tactical information. Reports provide brief, easily readable updates and assessments to enable proactive risk management decision making.

“Safe Visit” Package: An all-encompassing travel safety package including destination briefs, itinerary-specific maps and tactical intelligence coverage during your visit. Integrating Intelligence and Operations, full on ground support is provided including transport, security, logistics and emergency assistance.  

Dynamic Mapping Services: Through simple and accessible tools Max is able to visualize intelligence in a detailed manner that immediately enhances risk management decision making. The Dynamic Maps include visual layouts of client assets and installations, areas of potential risks, nearby emergency and medical facilities, embassies, hotels, transportation, and security related points of interest. 

Customized reports: Whether you need a specific destination travel brief, an in depth report on a certain trend or location, country risk assessments, or any other information and analysis, Max can provide a complete intelligence solutions specifically tailored to client needs. MSI has provided custom intelligence packages across the world, supporting our clients in reaching their goals. 

Customized reports are available globally. 

Business Risk Assessments: Customized, holistic risk assessments covering the challenges of expanding your business into the world’s most complicated operating environments. 


Our Methodology  

Max-Security Intelligence combines modern technology with proven intelligence gathering techniques in order to adapt to each of our operating environments. Our analysts triangulate and assess information from local press, blogs, social media, and reliable ground sources, ensuring expedient and trustworthy information delivery.

We specialize in supplying pro-active intelligence reports and analysis on a wide variety of issues concerning your business continuity:

- Terrorism and armed conflict

- Civil and sectarian strife

- Infrastructure, transportation and bureaucracy hindrances

- Political upheaval

- Emerging militant, political, social, and religious trends

- Health hazards and pandemics

- Natural disasters

- The effects of the aforementioned issues on local markets 



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