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Max Security

Max Security Asia


Max provides security consulting services for corporate offices, industrial facilities, municipalities, transportation hubs, hotels, IT parks, and more

Max Security Asia offers elite security consulting solutions for the international and local businesses. Our overall orientation focuses on enabling business continuity and overcoming  a wide array of  challenges specific to each operating environment.  With our deeply-rooted local knowledge, we provide holistic risk-mitigation solutions.

Our main Asia branch is based in Mumbai, India. The Asian branch shares the experience and knowledge of our head office located in Israel. Our Israeli security experts have immense, proven, international experience.

Our Asian Security Management personnel have profound local knowledge. They understand the complexities of the region, from security concerns to cultural and religious norms, enabling our client’s business continuity on every level.  While we believe in meticulous planing yet our experience allows us to make quick adaptations with maximum flexibility during crisis situations.

We invest time in learning our client’s goals, risks, threats and local operating environments, carefully deciphering the best security solutions according to the specific parameters. Our client-oriented approach allows us to tailor customized consulting solutions to match each client’s specific needs.

Our Services include:

  • Security Consulting
  • Security Surveys, Risk Assessments
  • Security facility and infrastructure consulting
  • Loss prevention consulting

Among our clients:

  • International corporations from diverse sectors including: financial institutions, pharmaceuticals, construction, technology, energy, retail and more
  • Local Municipalities
  • IT and Industrial facilities
  • High End residential complexes
  • Hotels and Amusement parks


Contact Max Asia and learn more about how we can help you mitigate your risks, secure your assets and enable ongoing business and growth in Asia.



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